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What should I know before using my NhassFes cookware?

- Never heat the pan empty: Always add water, oil, butter, or another fat before turning on the flame.
- Cook on low or medium heat and adjust the temperature as needed: High temperatures are unnecessary and can damage copper cookware. Do not exceed 430°F (220°C) if the copper is tin-lined.
- Match the cookware size to the burner: Avoid flames extending beyond the diameter of the cookware.
- Avoid scratching the interior of the cookware: Use wooden, plastic, or silicone utensils instead of metal utensils or scouring pads.
- Oven use: All our cookware can be used in the oven. Do not exceed 430°F (220°C) if the copper is tin-lined.
- Always use oven mitts: Handles and tips, especially those made of bronze, can become very hot.
- Do not store leftovers in the cookware: Use the cookware to prepare and serve your meals, then transfer leftovers to an appropriate storage container and clean the pan according to the instructions.

What are the advantages of cooking with copper cookware?

Copper cookware offers excellent thermal conductivity, allowing for even and precise cooking. They are also highly responsive, meaning they can quickly change temperature.

Are copper utensils purely decorative or can they be used daily?

Our copper utensils are designed for daily use. Their superior thermal conductivity makes them perfect for a variety of cooking techniques, in addition to their attractive aesthetic appeal.

Can I use NhassFes cookware on induction cooktops?

Copper is a non-ferrous and non-magnetic metal, so our copper cookware is not suitable for use on induction cooktops. However, for those who wish to use our copper cookware on an induction cooktop, we offer a solution: an induction adapter plate. This plate, also known as an induction adapter disc, is made of ferrous metal and is placed between the copper cookware and the induction cooktop. It creates the necessary magnetic field to heat the cookware.

Here's how to use an induction adapter plate:

  1. Place the induction adapter plate directly on the surface of the induction cooktop.
  2. Set the copper cookware on the induction adapter plate.
  3. Turn on the induction cooktop and adjust the temperature as usual. The adapter plate will heat up and transfer the heat to the copper cookware.

This solution allows you to benefit from the excellent cooking properties of copper cookware while using an induction cooktop.

Can I use NhassFes cookware on electric cooktops?

We recommend using all our NhassFes copper cookware on gas cooktops to fully appreciate their exceptional heat responsiveness, but electric cooktops can also be used. Always remember to pour oil, fat, or liquid into your cookware before turning on the heat, start cooking on low heat, match the burner size to the pot size, and ensure not to overheat.


How do I clean my NhassFes cooking utensil?

We recommend washing your Ruffoni cookware inside and out by hand with warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft sponge. By following the instructions and maintaining a low to medium cooking temperature, sticking should not occur. If food sticks to the inside, avoid scrubbing with abrasive pads—instead, soak your NhassFes cooking utensil in warm soapy water to soften and remove food residue. After washing, rinse thoroughly and dry immediately to prevent water spots.

Puis-je laver mon Ustensile de cuisson au lave-vaisselle ?

We recommend not washing your NhassFes cooking utensil in the dishwasher. Powerful detergents can dull copper surfaces, tin coatings, and bronze handles, tarnishing the shiny finish of your pots and pans and potentially causing corrosion along the edges.

Comment puis-je polir mes ustensiles de cuisine en cuivre ?

To keep your copper utensils shining, adopt a simple and natural method: use lemon and salt. Start by sprinkling salt on a half-cut lemon, then gently rub the copper surface. For an extra shine, you can polish with a steel wool pad. Afterward, rinse thoroughly with water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. By regularly maintaining your utensils this way, you preserve their beauty and durability without the need for harsh chemicals. For a demonstration of this simple yet effective method, you can click here to see Houria NhassFes demonstrate this straightforward but effective technique.

Dois-je polir mes ustensiles en cuivre régulièrement ?

It is not necessary to polish your copper utensils regularly, but periodic polishing will help maintain their shiny appearance and prevent oxidation.

What cleaning products should I avoid with my copper utensils?

Avoid abrasive cleaning products, harsh detergents, metal sponges, and cleaners containing bleach, as they can damage the copper surface.

My copper cookware has changed color / become discolored.

All genuine copper cookware, including NhassFes products, naturally tarnish when exposed to air, heat, and humidity — turning pink, silver, yellow, or even iridescent. With continued use, the tarnish develops into a solid dark brown patina, appreciated by collectors and copper enthusiasts for its rich and authentic appearance. However, it's easy to restore these utensils to their original shine by following our cleaning tips. Please refer to the above question for our cleaning advice.

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I have received a wrong/damaged item.

We apologize if the item you received does not match what you ordered or if it is not in perfect condition! Please send us an email at with your order number, details of the issue you are experiencing with your order, and attach a photo if possible. We will do our best to resolve the issue promptly!

I would like to return my order.

Returns are accepted only in case of anomalies. If you encounter an issue with your order, such as receiving a damaged item, you can return it within 2 days of delivery to receive a refund. Please note that shipping costs are non-refundable. NhassFes will not be responsible for packages not received, so please ensure you keep your receipt and tracking number until your refund is processed. For more details, refer to our Exchange and Return Policy on the Refund Policy homepage for further information.

What is the delivery time for my order?

Orders are typically processed within 2 to 3 business days upon receipt of payment, from Monday to Friday (excluding closures or holidays), if the product is in stock. If the item is on backorder, processing may take between 20 to 25 business days. Once shipped, deliveries are estimated at 2 to 3 business days domestically and 2 to 7 business days internationally, except for areas considered "remote" by the carrier. Please note that delivery times may be affected by carrier delays, especially during festive periods. Such delays are beyond NhassFes's control. For more information, please refer to the Shipping Policy section on our website.

My order is delayed/missing.

Unfortunately, packages can sometimes get lost or shipments may be delayed. If after placing your order you have not received:

  • Tracking information within 5 business days
  • Your package within 12 business days

Please contact us at with your order number so that we can address the situation promptly.

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