We invite you to discover the NHASSFES brand and our range of handmade copper utensils.
The skillful hands of our NhassFes artisans bring each piece to life, showcasing our exceptional talent and dedication to our treasured artisan tradition.
Through the use of traditional tools and ancestral techniques, we craft copper utensils of timeless elegance.
Our creations go beyond their culinary functionality. They reflect Moroccan cultural identity, celebrating its rich heritage and love of artistic crafts. Each finely crafted tray and each delicately decorated teapot bear witness to the dedication and passion of Moroccan artisans. These treasures embody the preservation of the art of handcrafted copper, a tradition that shines through the ages, and which finds its fulfillment in NhassFez.
We are proud to present a diverse selection of high quality products, specially designed to meet your cooking needs.

Among our flagship products, you will find the famous Moroccan copper tagine, which offers slow and even cooking, thus preserving the authentic flavors of your dishes. Our copper stockpot is also a must-have, ideal for preparing delicious soups and sauces.

For couscous lovers, our copper couscous maker is the perfect accessory for obtaining light and tasty semolina. And for moments of relaxation, we offer coffee and tea break sets, beautifully designed to bring a touch of elegance to your daily rituals.

At NhassFez, we attach great importance to the artisanal quality of our products. Each utensil is handcrafted with care and expertise by our Moroccan artisans, who have mastered this ancestral art of copper working.

We warmly invite you to browse our online store and discover the authenticity and beauty of our copper utensils. Whether you are a cooking enthusiast or looking for a unique gift, our products will seduce you with their quality, aesthetics and durability.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request for additional information. We are delighted to welcome you to our online store and to share with you our passion for handmade copper utensils.
Welcome to NHASSFES!